Compounded Semaglutide

Lose up to 10 lbs in first 2 months, may lose more if follow diet and exercise.


  • Consultation with a Nurse practitioner
  • The weight loss for medication
  • The one-on-one support
  • Diet plan with your food preferences and lifestyle. We meet you where you are.
  • Lab work to rule out any other causes of weight gain before starting medication
  • Measurements to track inches lost

Semaglutide Spray:  Good for appetite suppression and maintaining your weight loss


Semaglutide Lozenges: Convenient and discreet, these lozenges provide an effortless way to curb your appetite. They offer a solution for those who don’t want to take a weekly injection.


Note: Semaglutide add range of price of $300–500 in office.
Ship  home at a different price


Compounded Tirzepatide: This innovative solution targets two hormones, aiding in appetite suppression and weight loss. Wondering if Tirzepatide is right for you? Consider the following scenarios:

  • If you’ve experimented with compounded Semaglutide at its maximum dose and still find yourself hungry.
  • If you perceive compounded Semaglutide as ineffective in addressing your weight loss goals.
  • If you’ve experienced undesirable side effects from compounded Semaglutide.

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